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Dear Valued Customers,

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

A note from the founder and Sendabottle Team

Thank you for supporting SENDABOTTLE made in Australia. We are delighted to craft you love and joy in a bottle. Whether it be a special gift to you from a lobed one or a taste of the origin the world has to offer, we are dedicated to give you a unique experience with our SENDABOTTLE products. We are truly grateful for you being here with us in 2020 and looking for a positive outcome to the rest of the year.

Our Team work endlessly to make sure that we craft the most 101% a product can be, insuring that you, your family and friends will not be disappointed and will come for more. We are based humbly in the hills of Saga, Japan as well as the scenic historical landmark in Golden Point, Victoria, Australia.

Our Story started with a journey across the the middle east, through the dunes of Morocco to the tea farms of Kagoshima. We will never stop to explore what is out there in this beautiful world, so that we can share this amazing experience in a bottle with you.

We hand make all our crafts in a bottle at sendabottle
Sendabottle made to order

From the team at SENDABOTTLE we thank you!

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