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2021 is a year to make a change, a year to raise awareness about our future and ways to make it more sustainable. Locally Crafted is an online portal for local businesses in Australia looking to network, trade and harness the potential to reduce waste. In return, showcasing some of the most innovative and sustainable business models in Victoria to the public and consumers.

I had the pleasure to speak to Chris & met Sagrys who founded this amazing local Business Platform in 2020. Both worked in a Furniture company and knew first hand the problems and obstacles the wood industry had to fight. The amount of waste being produced and fallen on deaf ears, we are not creating a sustainable future this way, we are killing the environment as we speak. They look for a change, an opportunity to solve some of the issues with salvageable waste. And at the same time bringing all local companies together to create a business network hub. They want to see Locally Crafted become a 'go to' for all businesses made in Australia. A community that can diversify and network to accomplish team based projects that would benefit everyone involved.

They are super focused on achieving a go to platform for all businesses in Australia who make their own products, especially sustainable products that share the same views.

'To help the environment as much as we can.'

Their platform focuses on Community and innovation and both Sagrys & Chris are pursuing a reach from Melbourne Councils to support or endorse this agenda. If you would like to know more about Locally Crafted feel free to click the link below:

Published by ~ LI HUANG


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